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A dancer begins...
Turns out there were two other dancers at the demo tonight. Both better than me (cuz that's hard!). The place was claustrophobic and dirty, and nobody really paid attention to anyone else. My makeup went on beautifully, my costume was fine. My dancing was mediocre at best. I forgot to take my glasses off, darn it! Overall, meh.

I think maybe I'm "re-inventing" myself. Or just inventing myself for the first time? What I want from dance isn't what I am currently receiving. I'm looking forward to Saturday and talking with L. She always has insightful observations and a wealth of knowledge to back them up. And she's crazy-fun!

Bed time. I am so sleepy, I can't breathe.
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Rin's book is selling well! Please help us sell out his first printing! You have several options available to purchase it... his publisher's site at Dead Letter Press $20.00 (includes shipping), an online bookseller at Horror Mall $16.75 + shipping, or through us!

Some people have been curious about how the signing works - yes, your copy will ship out signed. The publisher sent him signature plates to sign and return. Of note: here is an awesome synopsis of the book that I like better than the DLP site's blurb...

The Mysterious Flame features a haunted monastery and a rundown movie palace; a vampiric monk and an army of animated skeletons; arcane magic and the search for a long lost secret; and caught in the middle of it all, a bewitched young woman and a reluctant hero made of clay!

Me-oriented news... I will be teaching a set of make-up class for Zada in the beginning of March. Three classes, back-to-back. I'm psyched! I love teaching and dancing, so teaching dance is a rare treat! Also, tomorrow night I will perform a short solo piece at a cultural event sponsored by AIESEC in Lawrence. Basically on the corner of 13th and Jayhawk Blvd on KU Campus (across from the Union). I'll be performing a piece choreographed by Siham, though I don't remember it all so there'll be some improv!

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I'm obviously not going to be using this LJ like I had originally intended. I do post in my personal journal somewhat more often. Should I just invite everyone over to that journal and delete this one? That seems the simplest thing to do. Thoughts, anyone?
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This is an incredible organization dedicated to helping homeless pets and they have been robbed. As the economy worsens, more and more pets are being dumped, and The Pet Connection's tireless commitment to remaining no-kill and giving all pets new homes has suffered a gross setback. Please help if you can. No amount is too small.

M. Grace Smith
Olathe, KS

To those that care about the homeless pets in Kansas City:

We have had a small tragedy at The Pet Connection. Yesterday, we were the victim of a crime that will have grave costs to our pets or for those that we are not able to rescue. Our trailer and all the supplies for building 8 new dog and cat rooms was stolen. I am so sad, disappointed, and everyone at our facility is feeling a little defeated. Jason Huff and myself got most of the supplies donated and spent 2 days loading it all for TPC so that the cost would be minimal. Replacement value of our loss: $4000. We were going to start construction over Thanksgiving. Jason and I cancelled holiday plans with our families so that we could build these much needed life savers. Our Christmas gift to the homeless pets was an important one. We estimate that these rooms will help us successfully house and rescue 15-40 additional pets each month. Almost 70 percent of the rescued dogs at our facility were scheduled to be euthanized in area shelters simply because of space constraints.

If anyone can send additional funding for this project, we would really appreciate. If everyone we have helped this month, would send $5......that would be about $3000. If everyone on this list sent $5, that would be $35,000. We need help. Please send your pledge today. I know that together, we can make this horrible turn of events seem small.

If we do not receive a rally from our friends, we will not be able to complete the project until much later. I'm turning away about a hundred animals a month, please help me. We need these resources to be available as soon as possible. We needed them yesterday.

Please cross post to anyone that may be able to assist.

Jason Huff
Director of Operations
The Pet Connection
5918 Broadmoor
Mission KS 66202
OPEN HRS: Tues - Sunday 9am-8pm Monday by appt only
Low cost obedience instruction, low cost microchipping
Low cost spay/neuter
Halfy's Thrift Boutique
LOCATION: 5732 Johnson Dr.,
Telephone number- 913.236.9330, Store Hours- M-Sat 10-6, Closed Sundays.
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Performed with Siham's group tonight. I did okay. I was really proud of my costume accessories - my mom made them! I think I need contacts, because I can't see distances at all and it's hard to connect to the audience when they're just blurs!

Tomorrow I'm going to the Karen Barbee seminar all day, then dancing again in the show with the Lawrence group.

I'm so tired right now. I swear there's some kind of cosmic conspiracy to keep me from watching Michelle's performances, btw. EVERY time I have the opportunity, something interferes. At Faire, I had to pay $10 and I was fresh out of cash. Everyone I'd talked to before the show said it was fine, come on in, but the doorman was an adamant prick about the point and utterly refused to even let me watch from outside the tent. Tonight, I was backstage with my group when she danced. She had a solo performance toward the end of second half, but I had to leave cuz it was 9:30PM and intermission still wasn't over. I would have snored through the second half. [sad kitty ears]

I should set myself a list of classes I want to take and from whom. Michelle, Jemira, Zaina?, Masani, somebodyIdon'trememberhername, an adult ballet class, a flamenco class, a modern dance class, ATS, tribal fusion, Turkish... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Is gorgeous! But by some freak of the stars, the batteries in my camera are BOTH dead. I don't know how that happened. I must've left it on? So photos later (I know, promises, promises...). My belt/sash idea isn't working and I actually think that's a good thing, because now that I see how lovely the dress is I don't want the same idea that I thought I did. Stephanie loaned me two beautiful necklaces; I'm almost sure which one I want to use. The dress needs tweaking, particularly around the shoulders, but I'm sure it's adequate for Faire. Reminds me - I need to sew the elastic on my zills.

I'm going to bring my drum and my flute, and with any luck at all, my voice to Faire this year. If I cast myself as more of a musican-dancer than just dancer, I think it will relieve some of the panic I've been feeling about not knowing choreographies.

Feeling remarkably optimistic about Faire this year! Maybe third time's a charm? Husband and roommate will be there Sunday. I'll go with my mom and uncle the following weekend, me in full costume of course! Maybe I'll have some good ideas of what I'd like to do after spending one weekend remembering where to get places...

I absolutely can't wait to see clevermanka at Smoker this year! I'm gonna go BOTH weekends I'm there.

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Husband and myself both out w/ bronchitis.

Didn't go to workshop - sounds like it wasn't as good as hers normally are anyway. I did have a very nice time at my mom's.

Lots of crises going on with members of my family. Fortunately most of it doesn't have any direct effect on me.

Dance is the best thing in the whole world ever and I loves it.

I'm trying to sort thru my music and find something to do a solo to. I plan to go with something at least authentically Middle Eastern, if not traditional. Most of my favorite songs are too long, though (5min+). I'm trying for something in the three to four minute range. It's uncanny how naturally I can bellydance to American/Western music and yet I freeze with Middle Eastern music. [sigh]

I still don't know the choreographies for RenFest. I've decided to do my best to not worry about it. I am *really* excited about my costume, even if it isn't started yet. =^_^= There Will Be Photos.

Oh - oh! I picked up a copy of The Legends of Belly Dance off eBay. I'm very glad I did.

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Ah, robots.

Work has been stressing me to the point of ulcers. I really need to let it go. Not doing a good job, though. Friday my Lawrence troupe performs at a RenFest preview (I'm just going to drum), and Saturday we have The Princess coming to do a Master Class. I was going to go, but now I'm not so sure. I think I'd rather go to my mom's house and hide under the bed all weekend. She lives out in the boonies, nature everywhere, and that setting tends to relax me better than any breathing exercise or massage. I need something desperately. Sunday night I had something close to a nervous breakdown, and I've been painfully nauseous every morning until about 11am (I get up around 6). The only good thing: I'm not eating much, so I'm losing weight!

On to Dance! Tuesdays have been a Technique class - I'm enjoying it even if everything moves far too fast. I learn better when things are slowed down. Wednesdays are getting better. Our Ethnic Festival gig went well; I got a great deal on some jewelry and had the Best Lemonade on Earth. On the whole, I'm feeling a lot better about dancing, and myself dancing.

Sometime sooooon I will post photos of my RenFest fabric! It's basically a green stripey fabric (sage/olive), almost a Ghawahzee fabric. I'm open to suggestions for ways to personalize a basic beledi dress...

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Tonight's class with Siham was interesting. We worked a choreography I think I like, but I need to get some moves broken down a tich. We watched video from a workshop of a 10 year-old girl who danced like a professional. =0.o= OMG. Then we finished out class working on belly rolls. I was pleasantly surprised with some very nice compliments about mine. I felt all nervous and confused. [sigh] Then clevermanka gave me some excellent suggestions for improving my dance vocabulary and gaining more dance-related knowledge on the ride home (which was successful, despite two highway closures' attempts to keep us trapped forever in limbo).

Cairo on the Kaw: The show went great! I noticed a few things I can improve on, of course, but on the whole, I feel really good about my dancing. [basks in this rare delight]

I need to keep my basic posture aligned. Looks nicer and makes dancing easier. I need to look up more. I think I was plenty alive onstage, but the full effect was lost every time I looked at a downward angle. I should also snatch up any opportunity to practice on the actual stage - entrances were somewhat awkward due to the different distances/spacing. And finally, when I have a big, dark, ugly bruise in a highly visible location, I should use some kind of cover-up makeup for it!

Thanks to roya_spirit, I found a beautiful solution to my hair issues... I had to have help, though. Braided one side up and over, fastened with a pretty sparkly clip, and spritzed on just a little hairspray. Voila! Classy, yet uniquely me! And my hair stayed directly the fuck out of my face the whole time.

Photos... someday... maybe. I am so far behind in posting and uploading I may never catch up.
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This coming weekend = Cairo on the Kaw! Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 2pm. I've practiced my friggin' tail off, and I feel pretty decent about the choreography. I know the music backward and forward, I could sing it in my sleep. (Both of these things are firsts for me. WHOO-HOO!) Still polishing needed on the choreography, that never ends. Costuming just needs some trouser hooks and a necklace.

Tried taking photos at Aladdin's this past Thursday to see if the problem was with the user and not the camera. Unfortunately, it seems to be the camera. I need to ask my photography friends for advice. Everything is all red and splotchy. I don't have trouble with the camera any other time.

Dance-related musings - feel free to skipCollapse )

Finally, I went shopping for pants today and I HATE WOMEN'S PANTS!!! Sizes mean nothing. Apparently, designers have never seen a woman with a nice, rounded ass and small waist before. Put on pants that fit beautifully everywhere only to discover a two-to-three inch gap in the back! What, is that for storing my purse? YEEARRRGGGHHHH!!! /rant

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